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Give yourself permission

Last week I wrote about my latest epiphany and how I believe the thing we most want out of life are options. As I was replying to one of the comments on that blog post, I began writing that I am proud of myself for working through to where I am now. However, as I typed those words, I felt uncomfortable. Why? Because we just aren’t good at patting ourselves on the back.

Think about it. When was the last time you congratulated yourself? Chances are it was so long ago you can’t remember…if at all!

Unfortunately congratulating ourselves isn’t seen as the ‘done thing’. Our perception of doing so is tainted with thoughts of egocentricity, arrogance, conceitedness and self importance. We feel selfish and self-centred taking about ourselves let alone telling ourselves how great we are!

This needs to change.

Sure one can go too far off centre and become an egomaniac and really, nobody likes a narcissist. But we need to know it is okay to be proud or happy of our own achievements.

Ever heard of the saying ‘To love another you must first love yourself’? I think it’s kind of true. And we need to give ourselves permission to do so.


Give ourselves permission to look in the mirror, pick out our good points and smile.

Give ourselves permission to acknowledge our struggles and the effort we put in during hard times.

Give ourselves permission to pat our own backs for a job well done.

Give ourselves permission to feel good about helping someone else.

Give ourselves permission to feel happy about our achievements or just happy in general!


It’s not about making ourselves feel good, or boosting our own ego, it is simply about acknowledging ourselves in a positive light and that is more than okay.

So yes, I am proud of where I am on my journey. I’ve battled through tough times, times when I felt lost and off course. I’ve put on a happy face and braved the storm. I’ve found my focus and begun navigating my own path. And here I am. And I’m proud of myself. And I give myself permission to do so!


Are you good at giving yourself a pat on the back?
What is something you can acknowledge about yourself right now? 

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