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Goals and Resolutions

goals and resolutions jf gibson

The start of a new year. A fresh slate. Full of promise and good intentions. It’s the time where many set their goals and resolutions for the year ahead, and as the way, particularly with resolutions, they are broken within the first few days.

I no longer set new years resolutions. Instead I choose a word to guide me through the year, my word this year being ‘believe’.

Also this year, I’m continuing with my 10 commandments. The list sits on the wall of my office (where I am most of the day!), subtly reminding me of the things that make my life the best it can be. Although, I don’t always adhere to them to the letter, they are the perfect reminder for me to live a clean, simple and purposeful life.


10 comandments


As for goals, I’ve never been one to have set goals, but this year, that’s changing. This year, I have two goals.

Why only two?

Because I’m not a believer in setting long lists of goals. I think the more goals you set, the more pressure you feel to achieve them, which of course, has the reverse affect.

My two goals are:

2016 goals no monetry figure


Simple, to the point and measurable.

They aren’t pie-in-the-sky out of reach, nor are they a given.

Both goals will take effort, hard work, persistence, patience, time-management and determination. But both goals are important to me and give me direction and focus for the year ahead.

Goals need not be outlandish or impressive, and they only need to hold significance to the person making them. That’s worth remembering.

So, as I head into my 40th year on this planet, I feel a sense of calm, which is nice. It’s nice to have clarity and direction, and it is also nice having gained an understanding that life doesn’t need to be bound by one focus.

I’m at a point now where I know that life changes. It can change in an instant and cause you to redefine everything you once knew. That used to freak me out, but now I’m okay with knowing that. I’m okay with the knowledge that something may burst out of the unknown and demand me to change everything. And that’s a good feeling.


Are you one for goals or resolutions?
Keen to share any?