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Has the world gone crazy? Or is it just me?

negative mind

Is anyone really over everything at the moment, or is it just me?

I turn on Facebook and my feed is full of clickbait headlines, over-the-top opinions, and the rest is just stupid time-sucking nonsense. Twitter has the smallest window for genuine connection, with the majority of the time everyone yelling Me! Me! Me! And don’t even get me started on Google Plus which is like screaming down an vacant corridor and hearing only the sorry echo of your own voice.

Please tell me it’s not only me!

Thankfully there are moments of brilliance on both Facebook and Twitter, mostly from the cool blogs I follow (yes, that is you of course). However, it is like an archaeological dig – you need to scour through the dirt to find the treasure.

I unfollowed a couple of high profile websites this week. In fact I wondered why I hadn’t done it sooner. I guess it was a fear of missing out on what everyone’s talking about. But you know what? If everyone is talking about the type of articles they think are worthy of publication, well, I’ve got better things to do.

One thing that really irked me over the past week was the number of articles starting with words along the lines of…

“Don’t hate me but…. (insert judgmental opinion here)”


“I’m not one to xyz-shame, but (insert statement on what I will be shaming below)

A few years ago (on an old blog) I wrote a post about being judgmental. I wrote it when I felt everyone was just continually judging everyone about anything and everything. But now, I think the situation is actually worse – we still judge even though we now realise we are doing it. It’s like it’s fashionable. Like…

“I know that not every mum has a choice to breastfeed or not, but here’s why I think those who don’t, are guilty of child abuse”

It’s that ridiculous.

Why is everyone is so angry and negative all the time?

Angry about choices mothers make. Angry about discrimination. Angry about feminism. Angry about how genders/races are represented in stupid rom-coms. Angry about someone’s choice of eating. Angry about points of view different to their own. Angry about damn near everything!

Enough already!

Yes, I know there are issues in which we need to stand up and push for change. Issues like gender equality, marriage equality, violence in the community, choices governments make that adversely affect the very people they are supposedly representing.

But the anger has gone too far. There’s a gaping chasm of difference in bullying, and spewing judgment and hate, than standing up and effectively putting a point of view forward.

There are so many people yelling at the top of their voices, that it is simply one big rumble of thunder. Points of view and effective suggestions for change are lost in the tide of anger and negativity.

I don’t have the answer, but I know it starts with me. And you.

Lessening the judgment and opinion. Listening. Helping. Thinking.  Asking the right questions to get others thinking.

I’ve said before, there’s too much noise in the world. Me, I’m going to limit the negativity and noise in my life as best I can. I’m choosing to simplify, minimalise and focus on living intentionally. As that speaks louder than anything else in my news feed.

Are you over the world like me?


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