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Book Review: The Hating Game


The Hating Game
: Sally Thorne
Published: 2016
Publisher: HarperCollins
My Rating: 4.5/5

Quick-witted, fast-paced, and entertaining are three words I’d use to describe The Hating Game, the first novel for Canberra based author Sally Thorne. From the very first chapter Thorne manages to capture the reader drawing you directly into the world of Lucy Hutton and her office nemesis, Joshua Templemann.

Since the merger of their two employers (publishing houses), and having to share the same office, Lucy and Joshua have disliked each other. They engage in games of one-upmanship trying to outdo each other, and in the process, scaling the hate Richter scale even higher. But, with a huge promotion on offer, the dynamics of their relationship begins to change.

Thorne absolutely nails the love-hate relationship between the two characters in every scene. With sharp, snappy dialogue and quick-witted humour, it will be everything you expect and demand in a rom-com. But this is so much more than the chic-lit genre gives it credit for.

Thorne has built the story around a solid foundation, with a great plot underpinned by strong emotion and sometimes more serious themes. But, it won’t weigh you down, more so make you ponder things like love, attraction, family and relationships. The story is superbly written, well-paced, and entertaining, with each chapter leaving you wanting more.

Another thing Thorne has mastered tastefully, is the teasingly hot attraction between the characters. Your heart will race, your eyes will read faster than you ever imagined possible, and you may well need to take a cold shower after reading a few  scenes in particular.

The Hating Game is a fresh injection into the chic-lit scene, that will leave you feeling giddy with glee. If you love rom-com, romance, chic-lit, or just a great summer read, The Hating Game is the bees knees.