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Have you acted on impulse?

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Have you ever done something rash? Acted on a whim? Acted on impulse? Despite knowing all the facts, the barriers, the negatives, still jumped?

Normally I’d say I’m a rather conservative person. Analytic. Yet, more and more I’m paying less attention to fact and listening to my gut. And I like it.

Last week in this post I wrote about how I was torn on the direction of my blog. I even contemplated, leaving the blogosphere.

Luckily after some lovely comments and many emails from those* much wiser than I, I have decided to continue here at my blog. My home.

So thank you. Really.

That post was written on impulse. But I don’t regret hitting publish. Sometimes we need to put things down in black and white so they become clearer. And that was indeed what I needed.

Today I am much clearer about the direction of my blog. And the answer lies in no particular direction at all.

That’s not to say that I have nothing to say or that I have lost my inspiration.

Quite the contrary.

With my blog I sometimes struggle with wanting it to be everything and more. But that isn’t going to work. It has to be just me and my thoughts about life and writing. Because that’s what makes me tick. And that’s what I want it to be.

Noone really wants to hear my views on the latest fashion, new parenting trends or opinions on the latest fitness craze. But sometimes I want to write, read and know that stuff. But here isn’t the place.

So, I’ve done something. I’ve built something that I have grandiose, flamboyant plans for. Something that has, in latest research a 90% chance of failure. Something that needs a lot of capital which I don’t have, to really compete with the major players, but in all reality would still be doomed to fail. But I don’t care.

But I jumped anyway.

Sure I may have acted on impulse, and this time next week I may decide to wash my hands of it.

But I like the feeling. The adrenaline rush of acting on impulse. The feeling of being all-conquering. That I can do this. Rise above all the negativity and prove everyone wrong. Even when it’s likely I won’t.

A good way to start a venture? No, not at all. But sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. And maybe this is what I needed to do to finally make my blog home? I don’t know.

Maybe I’m just being true to my word for this year and being fearless?

I’m babbling now.

So anyway, I will talk more about my little project in due course.

But for now be assured I’m not going anywhere. I’m still going to be unloading the contents of my brain here for to see. On writing. On finding purpose. On living simply. On questioning the universe. On challenging my mind and following my gut. Cause that’s me. And I like me.

So I hope you’ll drop by and visit regularly, the front door is always open and the kettle always on.


* A truly heartfelt thank you to those who commented and emailed. There may have been tears.


Have you ever acted on impulse?

(And lived to tell the tale)