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Hello July!


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I hate winter. Coming into Winter from Autumn I love the thought of pulling out the boots and scarves, snuggling up in front of the gas log fire and eating hot soup. But after about three weeks I’m done and wishing for the warm days and blue skies of summer.

The only light at the end of the wintery grey tunnel of winter is July. Which, without explanation sounds rather stupid as it’s smack bang in the middle of winter, but hear me out.

Three things make my July bearable, and even enjoyable.

1. Tour de France. The greatest bike race, and in my opinion sporting event, in the world. Three weeks of lycra-clad cyclists waging a war on two wheels around one of the most picturesque countries in the world. An arduous journey of strategy, physical pain and mental toughness. In this case, you are either in the cycling fan camp or not. But if you give it a chance, a few weeks to understand the tactics, I think you will be hooked. And if not, it’s worth the late nights just for the scenery. (And Gabriel Gate’s cooking segment!)


2. French Dinner Party. This year will be the fourth year of my Annual French Dinner Party. Tied in with the Tour de France, I spend hours preparing four courses of French fare for a few of our closest friends. This year will be an extra challenge as the guest list has risen from two couples to four couples. That means I’ll be cooking for 10! Yikes! It’s all in good fun though. The night ends with a ‘My Kitchen Rules’ scoring session in which my culinary skills are critiqued followed by a board game along the lines of Pictionary or Trivial Pursuit. Which after a few bottles of French Champagne winds up very interesting to say the least!


3. Wimbledon. The second greatest sporting event in the world. I love watching tennis. Hate playing it (because I am hopeless, no, really hopeless believe me), but love watching it. There is something calming about watching a ball being hit from side to side don’t you think? And I love the tradition. The whites, the decency of it all, the Champagne and strawberries. And please, I’m just hoping the great Roger Federer can win just one last time.

Do you like winter?
What gets you through the dull days and long nights? 

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