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Holidays, sliding doors and digital detoxes.

I have been M.I.A for the past week. It wasn’t planned or scheduled, it just happened.

We spent five days visiting Sydney and having the best time. Days were spent wandering, beaching, exploring, shopping and taking in the splendid sites of Sydney harbour.

I’ve been to Sydney a few times, but not for over twenty years and I don’t think I ever appreciated her beauty. The harbour is post card perfect. The stunning blue water, the majestic opera house and the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. I was captivated by it’s beauty and tried to soak in every moment locking each precious one into my memory bank.


Sometimes we take for granted what is in our own backyard. I find myself dreaming about the hustle and bustle of NYC or discovering the ruins of old world Europe or relaxing on the turquoise waters of the Agean Sea, yet here we have such an amazing country right on our doorstep. The culture and warmth of Melbourne, the small town feel of Adelaide, the tropical resorts of Queensland, the undiscovered bushland of Tasmania and the rugged ranges of the Northern Territory and so, so much more.

And that’s how it happened. I became so wrapped up in enjoying the moment that by the time we retired to our hotel room each night I didn’t feel like checking Facebook or Twitter, blogging or even *gulp* ….writing.

It is those moments where I feel I could simply walk away from it all. Open up the sliding door and turn right, don’t look back and march straight on back to a digital free existence. A world where I don’t need to share moments with anyone else than those right there in that moment. A world where I’m not wrapped up in someone else’s life, someone whom I only ‘know’ online. A world where IRL is exactly that; In Real Life. A world where I can be on holidays forever and just write fiction. Not have to worry about an income or if the dogs have been fed or the school uniforms washed or the credit card balance paid off.

And that is where it all comes crashing down. That sliding door is locked and the key non-existent. That world is simply make-believe, one for wild fantasy novels of wizards, fairies and magic. Reality is real. I do have to work, the kids do need to be educated and the dogs still need to be fed.

Needless to say I am back here in reality land. Settling back into the routine and the day to day work / life balance. Schedules, time restraints and inflexible commitments. The brain has began to switch from daydream to focus mode and life walks on ahead.

My unplanned digital detox has brought with it a clarity, one that makes my heart ache and one that draws me closer to the conclusion of finding a simpler existence, yet again. One that feels all too familiar. It will pass. The road ahead is long and goals seem out of reach but deep down I know each step I take is a step closer.


How have you felt your eyes and mind open up recently?
Do you wonder about the digital world we live in and the world we used to live in?