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How does a good book make you feel?

Sometimes when I’m reading a book, particularly if it is a good book, I get distracted. My mind starts to wander from the story line and I find myself pausing and simply enjoying the word dancing in rhythm on the page. You see a good book will do that. It will sneak under your skin and into your subconscious and make you dream about beautiful phrasing, effortless dialogue and alluring imagery. Or is that just me? Is it simply the writer in me that admires such breathtaking writing?

Right now I am in the middle of ‘Walking on Trampolines’ by Frances Whiting and although I am finding my interest in the story comes in ebbs and flows, I am somewhat spellbound by her writing. Effortless is the word that comes to mind. I’m sure, as any writer knows, creativity is never simple, never effortless. It is more often than not, laboured and frustrating. But the key to a good writer is to make the reader feel it was effortless.

That’s how I want my words to come across. Effortless.

I also find myself incredibly inspired by good writing. Inspired to write, to improve my writing and to push myself past my self perceived limitations. Good writing sparks my imagination and ignites new ideas, new characters and new story lines begging for exploration. It urges me to put on my editing hat and delve deep into the words I’ve already written and like a potter, mould and shape them to life.

I love how a good book, good writing,  has the ability to wrap its pages around and engulf me. Pulling me into the story as if it is right there before my eyes where I can feel, smell, touch and taste the story. It completely immerses me and actually takes a good second or two to re-emerge back into reality.

Yes. A good book does that.

I imagine what it would be like to write like that. To make a book come to life. To write a new complete world that opens up to the reader inviting and enticing them in until they are unable to resist. To soak their thoughts with delicate phrasing and emotive dialogue. With real, pliable characters.

To make the reader feel, to reach out and touch their thoughts and nudge their hearts.

Yes, that’s how I want to write.

How does a good book make you feel?

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