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How not to write

So I’ve been focusing on writing this week. Really focusing. I’m aiming for 500 words a day on my novel and I’m working on a couple of articles and pitches. But… things don’t always go to plan.

Unfortunately for me I do my best writing when the clock hits about 11pm the other unfortunate thing is that is supposed to be bedtime. However, today much to my surprise I ended up with an unexpected spare hour of time.

One whole hour. Everything was perfect. Here I was child-free, work up to date, the housework under control and it was pouring rain so a run was off the agenda. A perfect time to write! 

I opened up Scrivener and got ready to go for it. But nothing happened. Actually other things happened, and what I did find out was how not to write.

1. Open up your social media accounts, just for a minute, to check, you know. Pop in for five minutes and see what’s happening in the world. Bad move.

2. Turn on the radio. It’s really quiet in here with no children. Just some background music to get the thought juice flowing. End up singing along to the greatest hits of 1985. What a great year for music!

3. Look at the time and realise you have successfully just wasted 20 minutes of your hour. Start chastising yourself and waste another five minutes of precious writing time.

4. Decide to follow up that research you needed to for the last chapter. Get distracted Googling exactly what Seal tweeted the other day while defending Joel. Find other articles on said subject and conduct your own jury in your mind on where you stand on the matter. Cause that’s so important.

5. Realise that there are only ten minutes left and you really need to get some words down. Go back and check on exactly what words were said between your characters back in Chapter Five and end up editing the whole of Chapter Five. Man! Did I really write that crap?

Times up!

So the lesson for the day people is when you find yourself with an extra hour of writing time – for God’s sake JUST WRITE!


What’s your procrastination menu look like?
Have you ever wasted precious child-free time?