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How to get ideas

Blogging and writing can stretch the limits of our mind and sometimes even our patience. Often I am bursting with ideas ready to pound out on the keyboard, but more often I find myself sitting and staring at the blinking cursor.

Sourcing ideas can be tough. Often when blogging we tap into our own experiences and share our thoughts but even then what to write about can sometimes escape us. One of the best things I do when I am lacking in the ideas department is to read.

I log onto bloglovin’ and check out my favourite blogs. I hop onto Twitter and Facebook and check out what others are posting, reading and sharing. And more often than not after a few minutes of reading the ideas start springing to life.

Now I’m certainly not suggesting plagerising or stealing ideas but when you read something that interests you it naturally ignites your mind into wandering around how you feel about that particular topic. Sometimes letting your mind wander and race is the best thing to do, as after a while you will be left with a great idea worth putting down on paper.

I do the same when trying to think up new ideas for pitches for my freelance writing. I grab the publications I like to read and would love to write for and flick through. I get a feel for the articles they publish, the tone of the writing and the common themes. Then I hop online and check out the latest news and current affairs on the web. With the publication fresh in my mind I can often come up with a topical and current hook that is the beginning of an article idea or at least something to work with.

There’s a famous quote from the legendary Stephen King that is so fitting.

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others; read a lot and write a lot.” 

Wise words indeed.


Does reading spark your brain into action?