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How to stop overthinking

how to stop overthinkingRecently a friend tagged me on Facebook in a meme about overthinking. I’d share it with you here, but do you think I can find it? Anyway, I took to Google to try and find the meme, but instead found thousands of images with quotes about overthinking – all true, all so me.

Here’s a few that I found.

overthinking 1

overthinking 2

overthinking 3

I’m guilty as charged. But I’ve always been an overthinker. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve taken everything to heart and tried to analyse it. It’s something that comes from my questioning nature and isn’t something that I can¬†simply switch off. Truth be known, I actually quite like being in my mind and thinking sometimes!


I do admit that sometimes you can get too caught up in your own head. Analyzing everything, philosophizing about life and trying to unravel the trappings of one’s mind isn’t always healthy. But how to stop?

I think it’s like everything, you just need to be aware of when you’re over-overthinking and just stop. I didn’t say it was easy!

It also helps to have something else to focus on, and for me that is of course, writing.

This month I’ve taken on the challenge from my blog friend, mentor and not-so-secret writer crush, Allison Tait to #writeabookwithAl, although I’m tackling it as #editabookwithAl and am doing the latest edit on my manuscript. And it’s going well. I’m getting through a couple of chapters each day, and it has left me with little time to overthink anything.

I’ve also found that finally getting this off my chest has helped clear my mind and allow myself to move forward. Often we can get stuck in a situation and feel like we are sinking. It feels everytime we struggle to move we sink deeper down. Sometimes it’s just time that we have to let pass, and sometimes we have to get to the bottom of our mind, and our heart, to the vulnerability that’s making us feel stuck.

So, while I’ll always be prone to overthinking, I am going to make a conscious effort to not over-overthink.


Do you ever find yourself trapped on the overthinking hamster wheel?

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