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I just don’t get it

Have you ever read a blog post, a beautifully written blog post with hidden meanings and nuances…but you just don’t get it? The writer is subtely baring their soul and you want to relate… but you just don’t get it?

It happens to me every now and then and I sit there trying to search my brain for the connection, the shared feeling, the ‘oh yes! I get what you mean’. And I’m sure I have written a blog post or three that is terribly cryptic. The silence is deafening.

Even so, when I do read a post that I am not quite ‘feeling’ I try to comment. Then I think about the blog author reading their comments thinking ‘What is this chic on about? This has nothing to do with what I wrote. Sheesh!’ Yeah, I really do waste my spare time thinking this.

The main problem with these left of centre posts is that they are usually beautifully written. Their words are placed on the screen lovingly. You can imagine them delicately placing each words so it makes for beautiful narrative, gently polishing each one and filling the curve of each letter with heart and passion. There are some wonderful writers out there. So many. So, so many. Blogs that I keep going back to just to read their sentence structure and have my imagination come alive from their words.

So don’t fear, if you ever do write a post that perhaps goes a little awry I am sure there are many like me who even so, do hang on your words even if it seems we just didn’t get it.


Have you come across some blog posts that you just don’t get?


Linking up with Essentially Jess today for IBOT. Apologies for not being present in the blogosphere much during November. NaNoWriMo is stealing all my time. Promise I’ll be back in December xx