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I’m so old school

It’s late on Saturday night as I watch the clock tick over to Sunday morning and I am furiously brainstorming my latest fiction idea. It’s between tossing characters and scenarios around in my head trying to awaken the connection between my brain and my typing fingers when I realise something. I’m old school. I’m a pen and paper kind of girl.

I pull out my notebook and start scribbling and it all begins to piece together. The thoughts become clearer and the vision in my mind begins to take shape before me. Characters are given names, eccentricities and emotion and the story starts to unfold slowly but effortlessly.

What I would really love right now is a whiteboard. One of the large sized ones they use in boardrooms. But instead of using it to draw stats and pie graphs I would play out my ideas scrawling in black texta and smile.

As much as I love the tapping of the keys I really need to write things down and get back to basics when brainstorming an idea. It feels more organic, real. I wonder if it stems from my childhood when all I needed was a pen and paper and my thoughts?

I know I will need to transfer my idea boom onto the blank screen of my new Scrivener file but for now I am most content pen in hand.


Are you old school?
Do you still love a good scribble?