Personal Musings

Impatience and the winter blues

winter springIt’s nearing that time of the year again. The time where the skies are grey and the chill in the air is biting. Winter. I’ve written before about my dislike of the season and although I do try and see the bright side; warm fires, snuggles on couches, hot casseroles and warm pudding I still fall victim to the winter blues.

I hate being cold and in winter, I am cold from the moment I sneak my big toe out from my warm bed in the morning until I retreat back under the covers at the end of the day.  I can never seem to get warm.

Winter time is where the mundane ‘ness’  of life gnaws at me. Where impatience begins to creep her fingers upward and sneak her head over my shoulders. She whispers in my ear how wonderful things will be if only …..  I know what she means. It’s the one thing that is out of my control but which I wish for every morning as I open my eyes. Being able to write full time. If only. 

So as I wait and do everything I can to sell my business so this can happen what I really need to do is focus.

But frosty mornings and cold, grey days don’t help.

They magnify the routine. Where each day melts into the next. From waking, breakfast, getting organised for work and school, working, trying to fit in some writing, after school activities, housework, dinner, more writing, bedtime. Only to do it all the next day. And the next. And the next.

I know the vision I have of working from home and writing till my hearts content is way beyond what the reality will be, but I do know the completeness I will feel moving to the next stage of my life. It is like searching for the lost treasure and seeing it just beyond the horizon; out of reach, but only for now. I will be able to hold it in my grasp once the planets and stars align and the little ducks line up obediently.

But for now I need to focus on the good. I need to be grateful for where I have been and appreciate the journey to where I am going. I know it is the road that teaches me to be strong and where valuable lessons are learned. Remember that. Soak it in.

So I’m focusing on reading motivational and positive messages.

I’m turning away from the negative thoughts and anger that has taken over social media and searching for the little chestnuts of positivity that can be found. Such as this article ‘Life’s Little Instructions Given by a 95 Year Old Friend‘. Read it. Not only will it make a difference to your day, it will make you smile.

And sometimes that’s all we really need to get through the cold, winter days. Don’t you think?