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In defence of the inspirational quote

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Love them, or hate them, inspirational quotes are all around us.

I’m old enough to remember the days when inspirational quotes were limited to self-help books or posters on the walls of doctor’s clinics. But nowadays, there probably isn’t a day go that goes by when social media isn’t bombarded with positive sayings and motivational quotes.

Me? I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for an inspirational quote. I love them. Which is why the other day I was a bit dejected when someone in my Instagram feed canned the sharing of inspirational quotes.

Their take was that no quote, no matter how inspiring,  is going to make people achieve their dreams. And that in fact, many people need to just be allowed to be who they are and be okay with just being and not achieving amazing things. A bit like, every kid doesn’t need a participation ribbon.

And I agree with that.

But, I also think that inspirational quotes have their place. And it comes down to if you like them, read them, if not, don’t. If you don’t get anything out of them, that’s fine. Personally, I do.

The reason I post my #mondayinspiration quotes is to remind me who I am and where I want to be.

I wasn’t always a positive person. And I wasn’t always sure of where I wanted to go. Most of my teens and early twenties I had no idea who I was or where my life was going. I just thought life takes you where it leads you. You get what you’re dealt kind of thing.

I’ve been through some pretty heavy stuff. Family violence due to drugs and mental illness, the death of my mother when I was 15 and the ending of my first marriage when I was 25. All these events have shaped who I am today. And they also, in hindsight, made me realise the path I was on wasn’t the path I wanted to be on.

It wasn’t a motivational quote or self-help book that made the light-bulb go off in my head. It was experience. Life experience.

But, now, after many years of ups and downs, self-doubt, trying to hide and get on with life, I now know who I am. And I’ve worked hard to get where I am. Hard through a lot of emotional crap, family bullshit and financial stress. Times of severe loneliness that having almost zero family brings. Times of dealing with new experiences without an instruction manual.

But, there’s also been a lot of positives. I found a soulmate. I was blessed with two amazing resilient and loving step-daughters. I was blessed further with two of my own daughters whom I pinch myself each day wondering how I created these awesome beings. And I am fortunate enough to have unearthed what brings me contentment.

It wasn’t an inspirational meme who brought those things to me. It was life. It was beginning on a journey of positivity and forward motion.

Today, I post inspirational quotes to remind me who I am. To inspire me with the confidence and motivation I need to move forward. To remind me I can. To remind me, things get shitty, and then they get better.

Do I rely on them solely? No. Do they help me? Yes.

The quotes I choose aren’t random. They aren’t intended to be saccharine loaded unicorns bringing goodness and magic to the world. There is an authenticity behind each quote I choose. It’s more deeply personal than you realise.

I also post them in the hope that someone out there may need it. Someone who is feeling rough and needs a pick up. Someone, like me, who needs to hear that ‘they’ve got this’ in that moment. Someone who needs to believe in themselves.

Now, this post has gone a little off tangent. When I sat down to write this I didn’t know where it would take me, but here we are, and you know what I’m going to end with don’t you?

inspirational quote

What’s your take on inspirational quotes?
Love them or leave them?


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