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It’s all happening


Well, the past few weeks, months really, have been quite eventful.

It all started when I spied an unusual home for sale in the local paper… you know what’s coming don’t you.

Yep, we’re moving.

We checked out the house, fell in love with the location, (2.4 acres on the creek in the middle of a residential area thank you very much) offered, accepted and signed up.

Then a couple of weeks ago we put our house on the market, and within a week. Bam! Sold!

So, yes, we’re moving.

Now, this spontaneity might send many into a panic. All that packing, unpacking, moving stress. But this will be my 22nd move, (I think. I may have forgotten a move or two), and as much as my home is my home and more than just a house, my childhood has shaped me in not being too sentimental about things. I see moving as an exciting adventure, even if it only involves moving a kilometer or so away.

As a kid we moved a lot, not necessarily big moves, mainly around the same local area, just different houses. Mum was a bit of a gypsy and didn’t like staying in one house too long. And then chance would have it that I married a builder/developer and the first part of our life together was spent moving from reno project to reno project.

The house we are in at the moment has been one of the longest stints. We’ve been here for over three years and I really did think this would be it for a bit longer. It’s such a great house, such a great location, and I said that I’d only ever move again if something really special came up. It did.

So, it’s off to the ‘farm’ we go. That’s what the girls are calling it.

The back half of the property is fenced off and we’ll have a couple of sheep, or cows, and of course chooks. I’m excited about finally having chooks and fresh eggs!

We’ll re-invigorate the huge vegetable garden, and grow more than just tomatoes, cucumbers and basil like do now. I’m thinking lettuces, capsicum, carrots, celery, leeks, broccoli, eggplant, zucchini, pumpkin, potatoes, even watermelon! I have no idea how to grow these things, as my green thumb is only a very pale shade of green, so it will be a lot of trial and error.

The dogs will love the extra space and so will the kids, and there’s plenty of shedding for hubby and his cars and work gear. There’s a bit of renovation and extension to be done so it will be a work in progress over the next little while.

The next couple of months will be challenging. Balancing packing and moving, renovating and extending, with work and still making time for writing. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how well the balancing goes!

Yes, it’s all happening here. My life is anything but boring I must say, and this is opening a whole new chapter.

And I can’t wait.

Have you moved a lot? Like moving like me?

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