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It’s all in the imagination

My little miss 7 is a book lover. She has been since I can remember. As soon as she was old enough for a ‘big bed’ I would find her each morning at her book shelf quietly ‘reading’ looking through book after book. Captivated by each and every page. As she is growing her enthusiasm has only grown, particularly since learning to read.

At the moment she particularly loves Dr. Seuss and tonight she was reading Green Eggs and Ham to me for her bedtime story. As she was reading she paused, deep in thought.

‘Mum,’ she said.

‘Yes.’ I answered.

‘Books are really all about imagination. The characters and the story and the pictures.  I really love Dr. Seuss’ imagination.’ she said.

Children can be so right sometimes. So simple and so right. Books don’t need to be complicated they just need to capture your imagination.

All fiction starts with imagination. Whether it be a children’s book filled with funny, colourful characters and rhymes  or a young adult fantasy novel complete with vampires and hobbits. Even more serious fiction uses the writers imagination to bring the characters and story to life. The writer will of course draw from personal and real life experiences and emotions, but true fiction still uses the essence of the writer’s imagination.

And further more a good fiction novel will take the reader on a journey through their own imagination as they picture the characters and scenes as they read. They take on the emotions and  live their journeys.

So simple, so right.

How wonderful is imagination?

And how wonderful is the simplistic nature of a child’s words?