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It’s in the stars


I wouldn’t say I’m into Astrology. I’m certainly not one who reads the stars in the paper each day or has them electronically delivered to my inbox. I may glance at them every now and then, perhaps when I’m wanting something to happen or looking for some wild guidance from an unknown place, but it doesn’t rule my life.

Yesterday whilst Googling something in the name of research (work of course), I stumbled upon an astrological website and clicked through to read about the ‘Pisces Woman‘ of which I am.

Reading through the traits I was blown away. That was me to a tee and then some!

You are quiet, submissive and friendly on surface, but inside you have an immense potential hidden, along with a strong, fierce independent streak. The biggest dreamers of the Zodiac, you like to live in your own world – fantasy, imaginary or idealistic whatever it is, but it has to be your own world. 


Hello!! Yes! Here! Me!


Some other stand outs that were spot on:


Generous, genuine & emotional (check)

Intuitive (double check)

Spiritual individuals with deep emotions (yes sirree)

Daydreamer (absolutely)

Imaginative and need a regular outlet for their tremendous creativity (hello!)

Inclination for the arts and or/writing (yes please)

Moody and sensitive (Unfortunately yes)

Impractical and indecisive (on my bad days yes)


It goes on to say…


Don’t mistake them to be weak, though. When in hot water, the Pisces women may surprise you with their inner strength.


And best of all…


These women have an inclination for painting, performing arts, writing or various other creative pursuits. They works are often an extension of their personalities, reflecting how they are insides and what they might be going through emotionally at that point in time.


Nail. On. Head.


Of course there were a few things that weren’t true to me, and no doubt if you visit another astrological site there would be a different point of view, so with everything. I’m taking it with a grain of salt.

And I like to think that stumbling upon this now, at this point in time, means something. Perhaps that when I find myself getting wrapped up on the world, that I really need to stay true to myself? Perhaps that when I start to doubt myself to remind me of my inner strength?



For those interested here is the site to check out if it gets you right!


Are you a follower/believer in the stars?

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