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It’s okay to take a break (from writing)


take break from writing


Again we find ourselves at the end of the year, asking ourselves, how did that happen? Happen it did. And while 2017 was a year of ups and downs, and for me, a year of focus and accomplishment, I’m ready to take a break.

I always have grand plans of writing and blogging over the holiday period. After all, it’s a period of rest and relaxation – in theory, more time to write – but in practice, it never pans out that way.

So, this year I’m giving myself permission to take a break.

I’m taking off my editing hat and trying not to think about manuscript one as it sits in the inboxes of agents & publishers. I’m not pressuring myself to blog during the holiday season either. If I do, I do. If I don’t, I don’t.

Instead, I’m going to take stock of the year that’s been, and the one that’s ahead. There’s so much that I’ve learned this year from time with Fiona McIntosh’s masterclass to rewriting a manuscript, working with an editor, and finally finishing a manuscript to submission standard.  And then there’s my goals and visions to think about for 2018. Lots to reflect on.

As writers, I think we sometimes get a little hooked up on the ‘you must write everyday’ advice. Although, generally that’s a great habit to get into, there are times when you need to know it’s okay to take a break from writing.

Taking a break does many things. It gives you a chance, as I said above, to reflect. And it also gives you time to relax and rest your brain. Not only will this allow you to feel refreshed and motivated once you get back to writing, but it also brings clarity, a new perspective, and even brand spanking new ideas.

Taking a break from writing won’t get you out of the habit. Your blog won’t die, and your social media platform won’t crumble. Instead, you will return with a fresh chunk of gusto and a new, kick-ass attitude with determination that will fire up from deep within your belly.

So, yes, this will be my final blog post for 2017. I will though take time on January 2nd, to share my word for 2018 (newsletter subscribers will get to know first on January 1). And you may find me poking around on social media now and then, but for the most part I’ll be relaxing, taking stock, spending time with family, and also doing as much reading as I can!

Thanks for being a part of my 2017 journey, see you next year! (And enjoy your break from writing!)