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A Day in the Life of a Writer: Kate Murdoch



Kate Murdoch is an Australian author of historical fiction, whose debut novel, Stone Circle  (historical fantasy) was published in December 2017 and which was also shortlisted for the Chaucer Awards 2018 for pre-1750’s historical fiction. Her short-form fiction has been published in various literary journals in Australia, the UK, US, and Canada. Before her leap into writing, Kate was a talented artist with her paintings exhibiting across Australia and around the world.

Kate is another busy writer who shows that it is possible to balance (or is juggle a better word?) life with writing. Let’s see what her day looks like.


A Day in the Life of Kate Murdoch


6:30am: Alarm goes off. I roll over and ignore it for at least 40 minutes. I call out to the kids that it’s time to get up and listen for sounds of them moving.


7:30am: I give them breakfast and they get themselves ready whilst I make my first coffee.


8:15am: I drive them to their respective schools. Thankfully, they’re now old enough I don’t have to get out of the car as I still have my Ugg boots on. (I’m not a morning person.)


8:45am: Make my second coffee, as at this point I’m still not fully alert. Think about what I want to accomplish for the day, make a to-do list. Check social media and email.


9:30am: Go for a run around the block. Shower and get changed.


10:15am: Research the botanical gardens in Palermo for my WIP, set in Sicily. Although there are wonderful resources online, such as panoramic views of places, I need to go there in person. So I also research accommodation in Palermo.


11:15am: Dash out to the post office and to pick up sushi for lunch.


11:45am: Check social media again, write a couple of tweets and schedule a Facebook post for my author page.


12:15pm: Eat lunch and boil the kettle for a herbal tea. Although I’m tempted to have another coffee, more than two makes me anxious. Put on a load of washing.


12:40pm: Write my WIP. I write a minimum 500 words.


2:00pm: Drop into a local bookshop to sign some of my books. They’re easier to sell if they’re signed.


2:30pm: Make another herbal tea and meditate.


3:00pm: Join the car queue to pick up my son, the radio is loud.


3:15pm: Then we pick up my daughter, she often phones as we’re on the way.


3:30pm: The kids eat at least a large packet of chips and whatever else they can find. I unload the washing and call out to my son that he needs to get ready for tennis training at Melbourne Park. I drive him to the city and return home.


4:30pm: Check email. Remember son needs rock samples for school. Drive to the beach, park illegally and stride along the sand looking for rocks.


5:00pm: Cleaning up various messes around the house, especially the kitchen after the kids’ chip/snack frenzy.


5:30pm: Dinner prep. Think about short story idea as I’m chopping vegetables. I use one of those services where you’re sent all the ingredients and recipes at the start of the week. It’s fantastic.


6:30pm: Husband returns with son. We sit down for dinner.


6:45pm: We clean up together, husband collapses in front of the TV. I prepare for the next day — uniforms, lunches. Make sure son bathes, he’s very sporty so this is important.


7:15pm: I sit down and start the short story but have to stop when the kids’ bedtime rolls around.


8:30pm: Supervise bedtime. Son is reading Wonder by R.J. Palacio. He’s been reading it for a very long time and is a reluctant reader. He says ‘I’ve read two pages.’ I give him a cuddle and turn out the light. Daughter is either reading or watching Netflix on her laptop in bed. Hug her as well and go downstairs to mark son’s reading in his record book.


9:00pm: Too tired at this point to continue with the short story. Instead, I browse motivational videos on YouTube (lately it’s been Brené Brown), check Twitter and Facebook. Husband is already asleep. It’s precious time at the end of the day when the house is quiet. I read some of Murakami’s Norwegian Wood.


11:00pm: It’s finally bedtime. I listen to binaural beats to aid sleep.




Kate’s Favourite Thing About Being a Writer

I enjoy the research involved in creating my settings, then immersing myself in them as I write. I like the way the research ‘percolates’ in my mind, emerging in ways I don’t always expect. Similarly, my characters direct the plot and it’s an instinctive process of working out what’s going to happen through them. It’s a mysterious unfolding and I feel privileged to be able to spend my days this way.


About Kate

Kate Murdoch is the author of Stone CircleShe exhibited widely as a painter both in Australia and internationally before turning her hand to writing. In between writing historical fiction, she enjoys writing short stories and flash fiction. Her short-form fiction has been published in various literary journals in Australia, UK, US and Canada.

Stone Circle is a historical fantasy novel set in Renaissance Italy. It was released by Fireship Press December 1st 2017. Stone Circle was shortlisted for the Chaucer Awards 2018 for pre-1750’s historical fiction.

Her novel, The Orange Grove, about the passions and intrigues of court mistresses in 18th century France, will be published by Regal House Publishing in 2019.


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