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Kicking-my-own-butt update!

kicking my own butt update

I’m almost too excited to write this post. But it’s not the kind of excitement generated by winning the lotto, it’s more the nerdy kind of excitement. The excitement that comes from truly loving what you do and realising that everything that you have worked towards for the past few years, is coming to fruition. The kind of excitement that a list loving-control freak-perfectionist type person revels in.

Monday I decided I needed a swift kick up the you-know-what! Tuesday morning I blogged about it, Tuesday afternoon I got down and dirty planning and Wednesday I put it all into action.

Let’s take a look…

As I wrote on Tuesday, I have a few goals in mind and I realised that I need to get focused. I need a plan. As much as I would like to be the kind of person who can flit from this to that and fit it all in, I’m not. I need schedules, lists, objectives and goals. So that afternoon I sat down with some paper and highlighters and got to work which resulted in this….

planning session 1

I first asked the question: who am I?

I’m not just one thing. I don’t want to narrow my focus to one thing. I can be proficient and successful at the all things I want under the title of ‘writer’. So who am I? …. I’m a freelance writer, a copy writer, a blogger, fiction writer and bookkeeper. They are the things I need to divide my time between.

So I wrote down all the things that each role entails. From the basic and boring to the more involved and fun!

Now it was time to think about when and where to dedicate time to where it was needed. It was surprisingly easier than I thought! It really just fell into place.

The result is my schedule! (nerd alert)



Note I have included my exercise & housework, allocated time for lunch, restricted email and social media and not included weekend work!

Then Wednesday, I put it into practice.

And you know what?

I love it. Not just love it, but really love it.

I love how it has made me focused and aware. It has rejuvenated my enthusiasm. I really love it.

It’s not cut-throat rigid. It needs to be flexible. There will be deadlines, things will spring up out of the blue that need to be done then and there, other things that will need to be thrown in now and then and times when things need changing around. Understanding that is important to acknowledge.

So don’t worry, I’m not at the point where I will rip someone’s head off if I’m not doing copywriting related work at 10am Wednesday morning!

I also know it won’t work forever.

Hell, it may work for a week and the novelty will wear off. But I’m giving it a trial and will amend and tweak as needed.

Did I mention I love it?


So there you have it!

I officially declare kicking my own butt has worked! And thank you for allowing me to indulge in and share with you my nerdy excitement! Normal transmission will resume shortly (just let me check my schedule…)


Have you had success in kicking you own butt?
How was your week?