To Kindle or not to Kindle – that is the question

kindleLast week whilst perusing Facebook, aka wasting time (yes I am human), I came across a thread discussing Kindle for iPad. Now, I’m certainly not the most tech savvy and am obviously way behind the eight ball, but my ears pricked up. ‘Kindle app for iPad? – I never knew there was such a thing.’

I’ve often toyed with buying an e-reader, but have never been convinced. Price and yet another thing I don’t really need being the main factors against my decision.

But with much provoking and persuasion, from Carolyn (Champagne Cartel), I decided to download the free Kindle app. Whilst the download and setting up was taking place an odd feeling overcame me. I felt I was cheating on my real books. I imagined lovely books sitting on their shelves in the next room, horrified that I would do such a thing.

Read a book…. on a computer?” “Ooooohhhh.” (insert imagery of feinting books here)

I’ve written before about my love for the traditional book. And like many book lovers my devotion to holding a real book, feeling the weight of the paper, smelling the pages, and running my fingers over the printed words, will never die. But, (sorry books, cover your eyes and ears), don’t we have to move with the times?


So I set about mentally listing the reasons why this Kindle app is a good thing….

1. It was free. Yep. I’m stingy like that.

2. It’s convenient. Millions of books at your finger tips? No having to leave the house or wait for book to arrive in the post. What’s not to love?

3. I can have many books at a time on my Kindle app, so no need to lug heavy book/s around in my bag or on holidays.

4. Amazon’s one click purchase system. (Not sure if that is such a good thing though!)

5. Amazon daily deals. Great savings, great offers, great books!


So yes, it’s done. I did it. I have downloaded the Kindle app and I am currently reading my first ever Kindle book.

I must admit, I’m enjoying it. (Both the book and reading it on the iPad). It’s easy to handle one handed, no slipping of pages. I always know where I’m up to, no bookmark to lose. And it’s really comfortable to use reading in bed, or the bath (providing I don’t drop it!!)

But even though I’m enjoying my new found friend, it will never replace a real book.

I will still look forward to losing track of time in bookstores or the local library and I will still enjoy the beauty of holding a living, breathing book and all the agony and ecstasy of the authors work heavy in my hands. That love will never die.

Which do you prefer to read, Kindle (or similar) or a real book?