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Life Insights: Dear Internet, do I need you?

It seems ironic that I am writing a blog to answer the question at hand, but that is the way of the world. Or is it?

Have we become so overpowered by the internet that we truly believe we cannot live without it? Are we all simply succumbing to the ‘if you can’t beat them join them’ scenario? Sometimes I think we are.

To a point it is true – we cannot be without the internet. Yes we can live without it – food, water and shelter are our basic needs, not internet. However, today’s world there are some things that do unfortunately rely on the internet. For example, my retail business. All of my ordering is required to be done online. My husband’s tiling contracting business – all invoices to major companies are accepted only via email. Online banking, although not a necessity, it certainly makes life easier. So yes, there are some circumstances where it is inevitable.

But for everything else again I ask: Internet do I need you?

I think the answer is no.

The older I get the more reflective I become. I reminisce about the good old days, remembering a simpler time. It may not have been simpler, just that I was young, carefree and without major responsibility but still those days bring simplicity and happiness to my mind.

Remember when if you wanted to ‘chat’ you had to pick up the phone?

Remember when you had to wait until Monday to catch up on all the goss?

Remember when you actually had to leave your house to go shopping?

Remember when being outdoors meant being outdoors and not accompanied by a mobile/wireless/bluetooth/tablet device?

Remember when you took photo’s you had to wait until they were developed to see how they turned out? And remember the joy when you finally looked through them?

Remember when sharing less meant experiencing more?

Remember when our lives were important to us, and it didn’t matter what anyone else thought, or what anyone else was doing?

Remember when sharing less meant experiencing more?

I could go on. And yes, I’m sure I could also come up with some great points as to why interacting online is a fabulous thing, but I wonder how much real life I am missing out on. Which is why I am going to find out.

There are two reasons behind my decision. The first, as above, to see how much more of real life I can savour. It ties in perfectly with my word of the year: present. I’m going to be present in my real life. 100%. Each. And. Every. Moment. Not distracted by emails, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

Secondly my plan is to dedicate all my internet time to writing time. I will get my first draft of my first novel complete. I will have time to edit it and I will have time to fully explore my characters and their journey.

Now, I am certainly not niave enough to think that I will simply switch off the internet and that will be that. As I said, there are circumstances where I need to be connected. Work, emails, banking, book research -all of these things still require the good old internet. But apart from that everything else is off limits.

So come the 1st of February I will be switching off the internet and plugging back into real life. For how long, I’m not sure. It may well be a complete failure. I may suffer serious withdrawal and like a junkie come crawling back within 48 hours for my ‘fix’. But then again I may last a month, a couple of months…a year?

I have thought about blogging my progress, but that would be as ironic as this post wouldn’t it? But perhaps it is a good social experiment too. I think I will pop back in briefly at the end of each month for a short summary of how life is evolving without dear internet. Maybe even some of you would like to join me? Maybe I could inspire a rediscovery for real life in someone else? Maybe not.

Real world (and fiction world), here I come!


Could you do it? Could you plug back into real life and totally leave the interwebs?

Or more to the point…would you?