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What does living with purpose mean to you?

Do you ever feel you are simply floating along with the current? Letting life take you where it may? Our lives are so busy and time is a commodity. All too easily we get swept up in life, going from day to day, not living, just existing. Day by day, week by week, year by year life continues on. A momentum. One morning we will wake up and wonder what happened. We will have the photos on instagram and all the ‘look at me’ ¬†status updates on Facebook, but will we have the memories? The real memories that are held not only in our mind but our heart? In today’s world it seems we are simply existing with no real destination in mind and with no thought or meaning. So what would life look like if we were purposeful and lived with intent. It’s a thought I often ponder.

I won’t lie I’m a deep thinker and the psychology of the human brain is one that fascinates me. There is no doubt I spend way too much time pondering, analysing and wondering but as I get older I find myself drawn to making every moment count. It’s not always possible and those who say it is are lying. How can you make buying toilet rolls at the supermarket a moment to savour?

There will always be time during the day where we do things that simply have to be done. Whether it’s getting the kids ready for school, heading off to work or cooking dinner, there ‘s no getting around those things. They are the everyday things of life, mundane but necessary. But if we look at each day as a whole, taking into account the ‘necessary’ things we can start to see space. Vacant space. Spare time. Time for purpose and intent.

I have come to the conclusion that balance and purpose have to meet in our lives for us to live intentionally.

Now before you think I have finally gone batty and you are calling for men in white jackets, bear with me a moment.

When we choose to live purposely it is those moments in between the mundane that we need to make count. We all say how time poor we are, but are we? Really? Think about all that time you spend on Facebook? The time you spend tidying your desk before you start working? The time spent watching TV? The time laying awake in bed thinking about getting up how you really should get up? Three minutes here, five minutes there. It all adds up. You could have an hour of time each day when you can work towards a purposeful life.

The life you want to see for yourself.

Do you want to write a book? Change careers? Bake more? Create more? Get fit? Start your own business? Trace your family history? Devote yourself to a charity?

Ask yourself what does living purposely mean to you?

It might be as expansive as changing your career or devoting yourself to helping change the lives of those less fortunate. Or it might be as simple as making a loving, beautiful home for your family. Your purpose doesn’t need to change the world, it only needs to change YOUR world.

So as I sit here pondering the time ticking by I set my focus again. To live a purposeful life for me, means to write. To show my children you should never stop trying to do what you love and what makes you feel happy.

To me a purposeful life means looking back when I am old, wrinkled and grey and knowing that I made those precious moments worth something. I lived with intent and I stuck to my values and respected my dreams. I tried, I failed, I tried again. Then I have succeeded.

One day I will get there. One day all these moments will pile into a mountain of worth and my heart will swell. Piece by piece, time by time, moment by moment. Living with purpose and intent, I will.