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Where is the love?

where is the loveSometimes in this world we can get bogged down by the bad. You only need to switch on the nightly news to be faced with all the negativity that surrounds us. Bickering politicians, drug related crime, shootings, abuse and rape. It can be disturbing, depressing and sometimes all too much.

It’s times like these we need to look around us, to those closest to us and find the love.

After what has been a relatively crappy week full of first world problems, I needed to look to find the things that reminded me just how powerful love can be.

I found them.

The moment I glanced at my two youngest daughters spontaneously cuddling.

A simple ‘hello’ phone call from my husband during a long, tiresome day.

The unconditional albeit slobbery smiles and tail wags from our two dogs.

A brief but meaningful honest chat with my bestie – always on the same wave length.

Proud Mum moments (and a few tears) watching our second eldest rock it during her dance solo.


Love is all around us. Sometimes it dances in the breeze right before us and other times we have to look beyond the dark and dirtiness of the world to find it. But it is there. And it can warm and brighten even the most darkest of days.


Where did you find your love this week?