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Tonight I’m feeling low. Sometimes the world just gets to you. All the bad stuff.

The violence. The rapes and assaults. The domestic violence. The harm to our precious children. The drug and alcohol abuse. Poverty and family breakdown. The homelessness. Illness. Those dealing with mental health issues in a society that doesn’t know how to deal with them. A justice system that is broken and hope-less.

It’s easy to push all this aside in our own little worlds. But the truth is each one of us in some way is affected and touched by something heartbreaking, disturbing, hurtful. I have and chances are so have you. But we go on with our lives focusing on the good and positives in our lives. It’s all we can do.

But sometimes I hate the world we have become. I can’t bear to think about something bad happening to my children. Someone intentionally harming them, it’s unfathomable.

It makes me ask the big questions. How did we get here? What went wrong in our evolution?

Questions that have no answers.

Tonight I just keep my loved ones close. This despair will pass and life will go on tomorrow. I will be back to being grateful for the good things in my life, for the blessings I have been granted and the small fortunes that sprinkle upon me each day. But for now I feel sad for the bad in the world and the darkness that blankets us all too often.