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What makes you happy dance?

happy frogToday wasn’t the best of days. Things went wrong, plans didn’t follow through and I found myself getting frustrated and impatient. The grumpy pants were definitely being pulled out and dusted off. Then I stopped.

I made myself think of the little moments, the smallest of things that made my heart do a little happy dance and made that warm and fuzzy feeling wash over me. Those little things that aren’t actually so little when you really take notice of them.

Things like:

The beautiful hug Miss 8 gave me when I kissed her goodbye as she ventured off on her first school camp.

The feeling of riding a bike, which I haven’t done for so long, and feeling alive. Wind in the hair and all.

Reading beautiful writing from amazing and inspirational people.

Miss 6 declaring that she loves art so much, and in her own words; “I should be an artist”.

The email in my inbox from one of my blog readers informing me how much she loves my writing and how she would love to buy my book one day.

The opening of my mail box and finding no bills! Yes, true story.

The realisation that I can’t control what life throws at me, but I can control how I deal with it. And that is worthy of the happiest dance of all!


What makes you happy dance?

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