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25 things that make me happy

be happy


Everyone always seems to be searching for their happiness. They look high and low, under rocks, behind doors expecting it to just appear in a puff of smoke out of thin air. Well it’s not that complicated. Really. It’s not.

I’ve spoken before about the happiness thing, and how the search for happiness is really futile as happiness is an emotion we can feel at different times, not a destination.

It’s impossible to be in a constant state of happiness, but it’s not impossible to experience the emotion, as often as you choose.

This made me think. What makes me happy? Not the ‘island in the pacific’ or ‘becoming a published author’ kind of happy, but the everyday, simple emotion of happiness. So I made a list. (Gotta love a list.)


25 things that make me happy

My girls laughing

Rain on the roof at bedtime

A clean kitchen

Warm summer nights

Reading a good book that keeps you up past bedtime

The rush from a good writing session

Sweet pecan pie

Learning and widening my knowledge

Hot porridge on a cold winters morning

Seinfeld and Sex and the City reruns

Looking through old photo albums

Travelling anywhere and everywhere

Sunday mornings

Then endorphins after a run

Late nights watching the Tour de France with hubby

Morning cuddles from sleepy daughters

Spontaneous phone calls from hubby during the work day

Jet trails in the sky

Listening to my favourite music

Early morning walks

Seeing my girls smiling, fearless faces full of the joy of life and wonder

Inspiring others and hearing their success stories, no matter how big or small

Watching a favourite movie for the millionth time

Reading blogs

Reliving happy childhood memories


It’s funny when you stop to think about the things that make you happy. The more you think, the more you come up with. This blog post started as the ‘Ten things that make me happy’! I thought I’d better curb it at 25!

So tell me, what makes you happy?

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