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Manic Monday

Do you ever have those days where everything just pisses you off? Even things that you would normally enjoy or laugh at seem to irritate you. Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong and the day will turn into one big ugly smelly pea soup!

Yep, I’m having one of those days.

I don’t normally work a full day out of the house Monday’s but today circumstances would see me doing just that. That has got to be a bad start to anyone’s week! I really do admire all the full time working Mum’s out there, I am a useless sod and there is no way I could cope with doing that. I would be a mess, rocking in the corner – call the loony bin now!

So in my attempt to get ahead I had planned to get up early and get organised. Fail #1 for the day. No excuse just the bed was too damn warm. As soon as I do make my way into the shower I am greeted by Miss 5 who is having a dilemma about not being able to find her favourite top that she just has to wear today. Why? Just because. That is all! Peaceful shower? Fail #2

Heading out to the kitchen Miss 7 who has a day off school today (of course!) is also having clothing problems and can’t find anything to wear. She is sent back to her room to sulk and actually look in her cupboard.

Now it is the teenagers turn. ‘I have no school clothes’ chirps Miss 13. Cue frantic search through washing, airing line, washing machine to find pants. Throw them in dryer and inform Miss 13 she must have obviously lost her jumper as it wasn’t in the wash. Great.

Five minutes later (as she couldn’t possibly think to tell me as I’m digging through washing) Miss 15 asks if I have seen her school stockings. Another frantic search entails and said stockings are also thrown into dryer. Fail #3, 4, 5

Next there are children to feed, puppies to feed, dogs to feed, cat hungry too. And in between everything a dishwasher to unstack and some breakfast for myself if I can fit it in.

Finally older girls leave for school, in half dry clothes (sounds so much better than half wet). Yes great step-mum I am! And it is now time to bundle the younger ones out the door, into the car to head to the supermarket. Why not? Could my day get any worse after learning that bare cupboards need to be filled, today of all days? Fail #6

Frantically navigate two children and a broken shopping trolley around supermarket grabbing things left right and centre then dashing home to unpack and get started on dinner.  Slow cooked chicken. Throw all ingredients in to slow cooker, chuck dishes in washer and switch on.

Time running out there are bags to pack to organise girls off to my lovely BFF who kindly offered was guilted into looking after them for me. All the while grabbing my work things and hoping to God I hadn’t forgotten everything.

Arrive just in time at work to open up and get ready for stocktake sale. Phew! Take a breath and then get really annoyed with myself and realise if I had just had been more organised all of today could have been avoided. Hindsight. Yes. Lovely.

And now as I sit here in between doing orders and rearranging shelves I am thinking, obsessing, hoping to God that I actually switched on the slow cooker because I can’t for the life of me remember doing it. EPIC FAIL!

Yes, one of those days.


How’s your day?