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Where I’m at (manuscript update)

manuscript update


Back at the end of 2016 when I was choosing my word for 2017, I knew I had to pull out the guns. I’d been writing for a while , and although I had two completed manuscripts under my belt (in various stages), and a third half-finished, I needed to get serious. And so my word for 2017, became FOCUS.

And focused I’ve been.

2017 has been a head-down year. A year where I’ve painstakingly worked through almost three drafts of my main work-in-progress. There’s been frustration, tears, joy, relief and more tears. And times when I was almost about to give up on this writing gig. But each time, I’ve taken a deep breath and regained my focus.

Now, heading into the final few months of the year I can see my hard work, and focus, is paying off.

I’m close.

Close to finishing. Close to being ready for submission.

I had a Skype session with my freelance editor today to nut out a few things to give me direction for that final draft.

Final draft! I know!

I’ve been saying for a while, I’m close. And I was close, but also so far. In those final few drafts, you can’t really plan how many you have to go. If it all comes together, it may only be one or two. Or, in the throes of structural changes, you may realise you’re further away than you thought.

After today’s Skype session, I came away full of enthusiasm knowing, this time, I’m really so close. I know what is needed to finally pull this all together. And, because you know how much I love a deadline, I’ve set myself a new one. October 27 is when I plan to have the final draft done. Complete. Finished. Done.

And then?

Then I’ll be working on my submission pitch, pulling together my synopsis, and sending this little ol’ manuscript out into the world. And surely that’s a cause for champagne!