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Are we too materialistic?

Are you on Pinterest? If not, you simply must check it out or actually no, don’t. It is the biggest time suck since Facebook and even more addictive than Candy Crush Saga. Believe me, I know!

For those who don’t know what Pinterest is, it’s basically a virtual inspiration board. You know how you used to peruse the internet and come across something you just love? It might be a dress, a garden, home styling or a recipe, well you can now forget bookmarking or jotting down an endless url that you will no doubt get wrong, you now simply ‘pin’ the photo to one of your ‘pin boards’ in Pinterest.

You can have boards for just about everything and anything. Whatever you like really. I have boards for writing quotes, books to read, style/fashion, house style, travel, social media and I even have a board for my novel. You can pin from almost anywhere on the net, you can follow people or individual boards and you can also pin from others’ boards within Pinterest. It really is a visual kaleidoscope of beauty.

But all this pinning got me to thinking… Are we simply too materialistic?

Humans are naturally drawn to beautiful things and many of us love to surround ourselves and decorate our homes with things of beauty. Which isn’t a problem; if that’s your thing, go for it. However, it is when we start to attach happiness to our materialistic possession that it becomes a problem. When we begin thinking ‘If I just had that kitchen/garden/house/shoes/bracelet….’ When we think that $1,000 French Provincial chair is better than the $300 version. When we think that the brand name on our handbag makes us a better person, in our own eyes and in the eyes of others. Really, is a $50 candle from an interiors shop really much better than the $10 Big W version? Really?

Sure if you are truly happy in yourself without these possessions and you can afford the finer things in life, why not? But I’ve seen so many people who attach their self worth to their status; the car they drive, the size of their house and the brand names on their furniture and clothes.

I’m far from a materialistic person. I like to think I have a sense of style and I surround myself with nice decor and furnishings that are to my liking and affordability, but…

If I had the opportunity to buy a pair of Jimmy Choo’s or a designer table suite I simply wouldn’t.

As beautiful and well made as these things are, they don’t bring me happiness.

When I am lying on my death bed it won’t be the car I drove or the Chanel earrings that I remember, it will be the memories.

Memories of my family. The special moments. The sad moments. The proud moments. The things that are important to me.

Travelling is one of my favourite things to do. The memories of my travels so far are the memories I will carry with me for life. From our honeymoon to Europe, trip to Fiji with the kids, travelling the US in an RV with the kids. These are life memories that warm me right to my core.

However you create your memories is up to you.  It might be spontaneous day trips, BBQ’s with friends, quiet walks around your neighbourhood, movie nights and yes, it even may be surrounding yourself with beautiful things and creating memories that way.

My advice is simple. Take away the possessions, the idealistic beauty that society values and find out what you really value. Find what makes you happy. Find the things that will make you smile as you wave goodbye to this world, and surround yourself with them. For that is what truly matters, not the latest Jimmy Choo shoes that you just pinned.


 What really makes you happy?
Do you think you are too materialistic? 


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