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Momentum and Moving Forward

I’ve written a few blog posts over the past week or so. Some of which I never intended to publish. They were simply a way for me to work through my internal thoughts and feelings and help me decide on my direction. After all, my word for 2020 is momentum.

If you read my last post An Indie Publishing Journey: 18 months on, you may have some idea where I’m going with this. If not, either bear with me or scoot back and read it first here.

So where to now? What does moving forward look like for me in 2020?

As much as I love the flexibility, the control, and the pace of indie publishing, I have decided I am going to step back into pitching mode and query my next book to traditional publishers.

Now that I’ve found my writing voice, I know the direction I want to take which makes me more confident about my writing and ability to pitch.

I have learned so much over the past five years. Sure, it’s taken me four manuscripts to figure things out and some would see that as a waste of time. Particularly when two of my finished books may never see the light of day. That’s close to 200,000 words of writing, countless hours editing and many millions of moments thinking. But it’s far from a waste. I’m seeing it as my apprenticeship.

My reasons for pitching again aren’t because I’m disillusioned with indie-publishing. Far from it. Indie-publishing is a legitimate path to publication and one I’m glad I followed. And it’s not to say I will never self-publish again. I’m quite open to it. In fact, I will most likely self-publish the novel that I’ve been working on, A Town Called Chance. The mixed-genre format (literary crime) would suit indie publishing well, but I may do so under a pen name so as not to confuse the contemporary women’s fiction audience I’m trying to build.

And I think that’s the biggest key – the audience I want to build.

I know what I want to write now. I know what genre my writing leans best towards. I’ve discovered this perhaps the hard way, but I have no doubt my writing is all the better for it.

So, will you see a book from me in 2020?


My plan is to do another rewrite of The Five Year Plan to tighten it up. I’m actually merging two books into one which I know will make for a great standalone book. I just love Demi and Anna – the two main characters and I love the story. And I know readers will too. I just hope the publisher/s I pitch to do as well!

I will keep you up to date on my pitching process and any news (good or bad) along the way. And once I’ve pitched, I have another book to work on which I plan to get up to pitching quality by the end of the year.

In the meantime, I will also work towards publishing A Town Called Chance myself, so will keep you informed on that process too.

Ultimately, my goal (which hasn’t actually strayed from my initial plans), is to be a hybrid author. An author who publishes both traditionally and independently. The best of both worlds. Who knows if it will ever happen, but it won’t if I don’t try!

In a perfect world, in 2020 I would hope to bring you news of a publishing contract (a two-book deal of course) and be marketing my next indie-published title. But, we all know it’s not a perfect world. However, it’s always good to have goals and dreams. And at the very least, at least I have the momentum to now move forward.

Wish me luck. I’m going to need it.

PS. I know many of you will have questions about my change in direction, both in writing and publishing so please either leave them in the comments or hit me up on social media, or email me here and I’ll put together a post answering them all as best I can.