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You must have so much spare time!


This was the phrase someone uttered to me when I mentioned I’m only working out of the home two days per week.

Now, I’m a fairly placid person and it really does take a lot to get me fired up and to pull on those ranty pants, but if anything can do it this will. So instead of getting all righteous and bleating here in incoherent blabber, I have since calmed down and have prepared my response in bullet point, explaining what I do in all my ‘spare time’.

1. Working job 1.

Out of the home two days per week in my retail business, the other days I have a very capable and ever so lovely assistant manning the shop. When I’m at home there are orders to do be filed, bookkeeping to be done, social media and newsletters to keep on top of and end of month accounting. And now that it is the end of the financial year, there’s all that too!

2. Working job 2.

My second job is from home running my husband’s tiling business and our property developments. Here there are accounts payable and receivable to keep on top of, payroll, quotes, job specific management and end of month bookkeeping and BAS. Again with end of financial year there is a whole other load of paperwork and bookkeeping to keep me entertained just in case I feel like twiddling my thumbs.

3. Working job 3.

Writing. This is of course what I want to be doing full time, and one day soon it will happen – job 3, will become job 1. Happy dance! In the mean time I’m slowly building my portfolio of freelance articles which involves researching stories, interviews, pitching and actual writing. Then there’s my blog and of course the second draft of novel 1.

4. Playing travel agent.

I’m in the middle of organising our trip to the US in September. Passports, Visa waivers, accommodation, RV hire, travel routes and sightseeing planning. I should call this job 4 at the moment! I know it will be all worth it though.

5. Running house.

Yep, the majority of this falls to me. Waaah-waaah cry baby bunting. Nope. It is what it is. And it works for us. So house work, cooking, personal finances (yep, end of year again!), and running around after 2 to 4 children to school and extra-circular activities keeps me occupied should I feel like sitting down and reading a book.

6. Me.

I suppose this could be called spare time, but it’s not. To me, looking after myself is a priority. I’m doing pilates twice a week to look after my lower back, I try and do 10 minutes of yoga once a day to focus on the present, I try and walk at least 20 minutes each day (can usually factor that in with walking the kids to school), and I’m trying to do 40 minutes on the spin bike 3-4 times a week. I need to be healthy so I can make the most of all my spare time you see.


So once I’ve taken care of all the above, brilliantly handled with the utmost precision using my extraordinary time management and organisational skills and one hundred percent cooperation from children, husband and pets of course, then I have some spare time.



Sorry, I’ve regained my composure. I promise.

But anyway, you know what? I don’t care. My life is pretty good. I’ve made so many changes to get where I am today, and to continue to where I can be doing mostly what I love. I’m may be busy, but I’m not overwhelmed. And I don’t want any spare time. Some sleep maybe, but that’s a whole other post!


Did you enjoy my rant and very lame, no horribly lame attempt at humour? 
I promise normal transmission will resume next week. 

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