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My favourite writing podcasts (2019)

The last time I did a blog post about my favourite writing podcasts, was way back in 2015! So I thought it was time to revisit and share what I’m listening to in 2019. So let’s get to it!

#1 So You Want to Be a Writer

Some things never change. I’ve been listening to So You Want to Be a Writer since the very early days. It was in fact, the first writing podcast I listened to. Hosted by Valerie Khoo, founder of the Australian Writers’ Centre and middle-grade author Allison Tait, the format hasn’t changed much over the 302 episodes to date. That’s because it works! They discuss everything to do with writing from creative writing, feature articles, copywriting, as well as the publishing industry. Each week they also have an interesting and informative interview with a writer, author or key figure in publishing. I look forward to my podcast feed updating every Tuesday/Wednesday with a brand new episode of Val and Al’s voices in my ears.

#2 Writes 4 Women

The Writes 4 Women podcast hosted by Pamela Cook and Kel Butler, is a podcast celebrating women, women writers, and supporting women’s voices. I love the concept of this podcast. Pamela and Kel are great interviewers and co-hosts and they interview fantastic women writers and authors covering all sorts of relevant topics relating to writing and women creatives. This podcast also holds a special place for me, as I was interviewed on 8 June 2019 by Pam, which was highly exciting and very enjoyable.

The Writes 4 Women Podcast

#3 Talking Aussie Books

Talking Aussie Books is a relatively new podcast from writer and book lover Claudine Tinellis. As the name suggests, Claudine focuses on books by Australian writers and interviews a wide selection of authors. They chat about their latest books, their writing process and their path to publication. If you love books and love taking a peek into the life of an author, you’ll love this podcast.

Talking Aussie Books Podcast

#4 The Worried Writer

The Worried Writer was on my list back in 2015, and is still one of my favourite writing podcasts. Hosted by author and self-confessed ‘worried writer’ Sarah Painter, the podcast is full of writing advice, focusing on how to overcome self-doubt, fear and procrastination. Sarah also interviews writers, authors and creatives from around the world. Sarah is Scottish and she has the most beautiful accent which makes it a pleasure to plug in my earbuds once a month and listen to her smooth, calming voice.

The Worried Writer Podcast

#5 The Self Publishing Show

When I first became interested in researching the independent publishing industry, the first thing I came across was Mark Dawson’s The Self Publishing Show podcast. Now, it’s a staple in my weekly podcast regime. Hosted by best-selling indie author Mark Dawson and his co-host aspiring writer James Blatch, they cover all the news in the self-publishing world, offer fantastic advice and tips and have inspiring interviews with authors (both trad & indie) and industry professionals. If you’re interested in knowing more about the indie publishing world, and even if you’re not, it’s one podcast to add to your list. And with an impressive back catalogue there’s plenty to listen to!

The Self Publishing Show Podcast

But wait, there’s more!

Also on my regular listening schedule are the following wonderful writing and book podcasts.

Write With Love with Sarah Williams

The SPA Girls

The Booktopia Podcast

The Better Reading Podcast

The Creative Penn

In Mum’s Good Books

The Book Podcast

Check out my favourite podcasts through the links above, or you can subscribe via your favourite podcast app. Happy listening!


  1. I’m currently walking through the backlist of David Tennant Does A Podcast With… and Desert Island Dishes. I love cherry-picking episodes of Desert Island Discs too. Anything with a story.

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