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My mind has switched off

Do you have a dream holiday? Maybe it’s lazing by the beach on a tropical island, or perhaps trekking through the Andes, or a roadtrip through our rugged landscape. Me, I love to travel and really I couldn’t pick a dream holiday as I want it all. But sometimes I do imagine holidays different to what they end up being.

Right now we are taking a mini break at our caravan by the beach, and despite the windy and cooler than desired temperatures we are having a pretty good time. The problem is I always envisage these little breaks so much different.

When I am slogging away with the mundane day to day routine of life I long for a mini break that is a mix of so many things. Family, warm sunshine, lazy days and lots of writing time. I have great visions of getting up early sitting in the calm of the morning sunrise and writing. Visions of tapping away on the keyboard as the kids build sandcastles and chase waves. I see myself churning out articles, blog posts and chapters of fiction effortlessly as husband relaxes next to me, teenagers listen to music and read books and young-un’s swing on the playground.

But do you think it ever turns out like that? Nope. The amount of writing I have done this holiday would total approximatley a thousand words. And that is really pushing it. It seems my mind has really switched off. As soon as I begin to thing about writing my mind wanders off in a completely different direction. When I pick up the computer I am easily distracted by the smallest of things. My mini writing break is non-existent.

And although I am enjoying family time immensely; kids playing happily (and not so happily at times) and husband around (read: not at work), I do still long for a slab of writing time. A part of me is looking forward to getting back home and having my office to sort through what articles I have due and get cracking. Time to sit on the laptop at night watching crap TV and tinkering away editing my first draft or playing with ideas for Story No. 2.

But maybe, just maybe. my mind needs this time off. It needs time to slow and recover. For ideas to lay simmering in waiting. For my mind to gather more food for future reference. Maybe this quiet, non-writing time is actually just what I really need.

So tomorrow I’m not going to think about writing. I’m not going to pick up my laptop or toy with ideas floating around in my mind. I’m not going to think about deadlines or editing, I ‘m just going to let my mind stay in idle mode. It’s our last day, the weather is supposed to be good and I plan to enjoy the sun, sand and family moments. Each and every one.


Are you on holidays?
Do you find it hard to switch off? Or even, back on?