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My word for 2014 is….

When I chose my word for 2013 it was a process. A process of deciding what I needed to find in my life to focus on. This time in thinking about my word for 2014, it didn’t involve much thinking at all. It made itself very clear to me towards the end of the year and when I could feel the bubbles of excitement from within I knew this was it.

My word for 2014 is change.

Change is such a broad word which could cover so much. Change can be dramatic or subtle and the exciting thing is my change is going to be both.

This ‘change’ is merely the biggest step in what has been a process of the last few years. It’s taken patience and time, both of which I’m not usually good with, but now that I am here, part of the way through the journey, I can see how important both have been.

Now I must say I’ve laboured over a few weeks on how to write this post without rambling, so please forgive me if I do. There is so much I want to say, so much I want to get clear in my own head to prepare the path for change, but I will try to be both brief and succinct by breaking it down.

Change: To be a writer. A real writer.
When people ask what I do I want to say “I’m a writer.”  I want to write for a living. Now this isn’t something new that has just occurred to me, however the past two years has shown that I can actually do this. I’ve had success this year and it feels good. It won’t be easy and I certainly won’t be retiring rich in the next few ears but neither of those matter to me, what matters is just to be writing.

In order for this change to be complete I have decided to sell my dancewear business, which of course won’t be easy as it is still only two years old and although growth is good, figures aren’t necessarily outstanding. However, I am confident the right person will come along and make this change happen.  I have also decided to cease offering social media coaching services. Although I did enjoy that part of my work I feel I can still do a blog post every now and then and give back that way.

The goal is by the end of 2014, if not sooner, is to be writing full time. I would like to be doing a mix of freelance for websites, print mags and also some corporate writing. I am already building a small portfolio and looking forward to seeing it grown in 2014. I will also concentrate on my fiction writing, endeavouring to complete two more edits of “Rest Stop” and hopefully engage an agent all the while working on my new piece.


Change: Family Focus

There is big changes on the way in 2014 for us with our youngest starting school. I am a mix of emotions about this. I am mostly excited as she is so ready for it and so am I as it will give me time to devote to my writing. But it’s also a little sad, our baby is growing up!

I also want to still concentrate on being present (my 2013 word). With everyone at school I can be present in my work times with little distraction. Then when it’s family time I can focus and enjoy every moment with them. It sounds good in theory and I know it isn’t a 100% foolproof plan, but if I can pull it off for the most part it will be worth it.


Change: Be more positive 
2013 was very much about finding myself and finally making peace with who I am. This is of course a work in progress with no definitive finish line. I have my good moments, but I still have my bad moments too. Those moments when I doubt who I am, when I question my thoughts and values and also moments when I am too confident that could sometimes be seen as arogant and stubborn. (I’m sure my husband will agree with this one!) So 2014 will be about change for me as a person. Not changing who I am but changing in my thought patterns. I tend think before I speak sometimes which can be a really bad thing to do when you are also too stubborn to admit you were wrong! I can be negative and always look at why something won’t or can’t work, rather than being positive from the outset. I can tend to focus on the difficulty of it all rather than just digging in and getting things done. These are things I need to change. I need to be positive, I need to remind myself to be grateful and even happy. Deep down I am happy, but you know sometimes life gets in the way of happiness and you lose sight of the feeling. I need to change this. And I will.


Change: Respect health
I remember my father used to say to me when I was growing up and munching on a chocolate bar. ‘You won’t be able to eat all that when you’re 30 you know!’ and as crazy as that sounds, it is true. My body has put up with a lot and I really need to start respecting it better. We have already begun to implement a few changes with our at home eating. Not that we are unhealthy, but things can be changed for the better. Cutting down dramatically on sugar and processed and packaged foods is number one on the list. Using whole products rather than white processed foods such as flours, sugars and rice. And also being mindful of keeping gluten intake low. We don’t have any allergies but we all feel so much better since beginning to implement these things. I am less dramatically less bloated and don’t get that heavy feeling after eating and since cutting down sugar and processed foods the kids’ behaviour has been so much better. This change is worth it. And the good thing about it is it isn’t that hard to do. It is a lifestyle change where we enjoy better health and still enjoy a treat now and again.


Although reading back these changes may seem subtle but for me, they will have a huge impact the person I will be by the end of 2014. And you know what? I’m excited. Really excited. The past five years have been tough. Thinking back, it was like I was in a cocoon, it was dark and cold and I really didn’t think I was ever going to see the light again, and yet now, the metamorphosis is almost complete. I’m ready to break free and spread my wings in all their vibrancy, and the emotion that I feel on where I have come from to where I am heading is at times overwhelming. But in such a good way.

Bring it on 2014. Let’s make this change happen!


What’s your word or goals for 2014?
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