My Writing Contract

writing contract

Getting the words down is both the most important and hardest part of writing. To anyone who isn’t a writer, that would seem like a ridiculous statement. If it’s hard, why do it? Or, just sit down and write! Yeah, easy.

Every writer has their own method of getting the words down. Whether it’s sitting down for particular time frame, setting a word count goal, or just writing in spurts when inspiration strikes. All can work, some better than others.

For me, I like goals. I work well to deadlines. And the pay off when I hit a word count is akin to an adrenaline hit.

At Fiona McIntosh’s Masterclass, she shared her way of getting the words down. It’s simple and effective – you make a writing contract with yourself. A commitment to sit down a set number of days and achieve a set number of words, no more, no less. You give yourself a time frame, a total number of words you want to achieve over this time, and the number of days you will write each week. This then breaks down to a number which is your daily word count goal for each day you sit down to write.

Fiona explains it so much more concise, and if you are interested you will find it explained in her book ‘How to Write Your Block Buster’ 

I’m committed to getting this final draft rewritten, so here’s my writing contract:

Number of words: 100,000
Number of weeks: 20
Number of writing days per week: 5
Total number of writing days: 100
Word goal each writing day: 1,000

1,000 words, five days per week.

I begin on May 1st, and my goal end date is 17th September. I’m then putting aside four weeks to edit and polish, before I’ll be ready for submission.

This is it. It’s here in black and white. And the only person I will let down if I don’t achieve this goal, is me. But that’s the person I don’t want to let down the most.

So wish me luck!!