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NaNoWriMo Day #2

Today marks the end of day two of National Novel Writing Month, the 50,000 words/30 day challenge that I’m undertaking for the first time.

I’m fairly happy with my progress so far managing to stay on schedule with the required daily word target.

I have been writing early in the morning and catching five and ten minutes here and there during the day when I can. This is not the way I usually like to write so I think the challenge is going to be quite beneficial in for someone who prefers reclusive writing! I have even managed to blog here, over at Cycling Mumma and set up some scheduled posts for Lipgloss Mumma. And I have also sent off two pitches to editors for my freelancing.

Overall I would say a very productive couple of days indeed.

I am a person that thrives on challenge and deadlines. I was always one of those at school who was well prepared for exams and assignments keeping track of deadlines and working well under the pressure of a clock. Seems nothing has changed. I much prefer someone to give me a time frame. If I don’t have a deadline I end up procrastinating or finding other more pressing things to direct my attention towards, so NaNoWriMo with it’s daily word target and pressure cooker deadline of 30 days is working brilliantly for me…. so far.

The writing process has also been an interesting journey. I have found it quite emotional getting my story down on the page. The story that has been bouncing around in my head for so long is finally finding a home and beginning to take shape. The characters that I know intimately now have voices and their emotions are being brought to life.

It hasn’t been easy though. There has been stumbling blocks, vacant thoughts and momentary writers’ block. I have broken the golden rule of ‘no editing’ finding it necessary in order for me to move forward with the story. I am learning though. Learning the art of simply just writing. Getting the words down and not looking back. I need to remind myself this is by no means a final manuscript, it is a first draft. First drafts are what decent writing is built on. They are writing in its infancy ready to be moulded and shaped into grown up form.

Yes, I am learning, only two days in and I am learning. So much so that I am starting to believe that one day I may well be a writer!

Are you someone who works well under pressure and loves deadlines?


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