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NaNoWriMo: only the beginning of the climb

Better late than never they say, so here I am. Yes NaNo is over (eight days over in fact) and I did cross the finish line, but not in style as I had hoped. It was more of a limp, crawl at best.

I didn’t reach the 50,ooo word mark, in fact I only have approximately 31,000. I know I should be proud of myself. After all it is 31,000 more words than I had a month ago, but as a chronic over-achiever, I feel I under delivered.

What I am proud of is my story, not necessarily the words. Mostly they are a jumbled incoherent mess at the present time but the story is there. The emotion is there. And the seed has been planted.

I found that the story began to tell itself along the way, weaving and changing direction. I was merely the vehicle and although I am only part way along the road to the finish the journey has begun.

Right now and for the next few weeks my story is on hold, quietly simmering in the background while I make it through Christmas and summer vacation. But come February/March I have decided I am setting myself my own NaNoWriMo. Another thirty days, another fifty thousand word goal. I found I thrived on the challenge that was before me and now realise I need to set my own goals. Not modest, achievable goals but pie in the sky level goals. The higher the better. Again, something to do with being an overachiever – I see a mountain and I just gotta climb it!

So yes, NaNoWriMo was only the beginning and I am excited and looking forward the next installment that lies ahead.

Did you try NaNo? What motivates you to achieve?