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NaNo…. What the?

For those of you who don’t know, November is NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth. NaNoWriMo as it is affectionately known is a global event where crazy writers such as myself, commit to the goal of writing 50,000 words on a project they are working on, usually fiction. I say crazy because to actually reach the 50k goal is no mean feat. It requires a minimum of 1,667 words for the 30 days of November and although that doesn’t sound like a lot, when you sit down and attempt to write that many words each day you realise it is so much harder than it sounds.

Last year was my first experience of NaNo and although I didn’t reach the magic 50k I did manage to get down about 30,000 words which has now turned into a completed first draft of 90,000 words. This year I’m signing up again just because November can’t get any busier!

I’m really am puting myself under the pump. I have a couple of commissioned articles and contributor blog posts to write, I am trying to edit my first manuscript and November is the busiest time of the dance season so work (my day job at my dance shop) will be crazy. Not to mention the calendar is full of social events, dance concerts and birthdays.  So why not put myself under some more pressure?

What can I say, I love a challenge!

So what’s my plan?

Truth is I don’t have one other than to sit down every night and write. That’s it. Get everything else done during the day and devote my nights to the laptop. In theory it can work, but the trouble with theories is they usually fail. There will be nights where I won’t get to write which means the next night’s effort will be doubled. I can tell you there won’t be a lot of sleep going on!

And although it sounds daunting I couldn’t be more excited.

I think the fact that I know how fulfilling it can be to actually finish a book, even if it is just a first draft, is what energizes and inspires me to want to do it again. Who knows this time next year I could have my second manuscript under my belt!

Do you ever throw yourself in the deep end?
Are you a NaNo crazy like me? 

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