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New series: The Writer’s Den

After my recent blog and reader survey, I discovered that you guys love peeking into a writer’s mind. My series ‘A Day in the Life of a Writer’ which is heading into its fourth season, is by far a favourite, but I’ve also had interest from writers and authors on guest posting. So, I’ve created a new blog series: ‘The Writer’s Den’.

What is ‘The Writer’s Den’?

A new blog series where writers and authors will share something to do with the writing and/or publishing process. The criteria is broad, and my hope is that authors sharing their wisdom, thoughts, and realisations will be interesting reading for both readers and other writers. The word limit is 500-600 words.

When does it start?

March 2020

How can you be considered as a guest blogger?

Simply email me at gibsonmail {at} bigpond {dot} com with the following:

  • Who you are
  • What you write
  • If you’re a published or aspiring author
  • Your detailed idea for a guest post and how writers and readers will benefit from reading your post

Spots will fill up fast, so if you have an idea and would love to be involved, I’d love to hear from you.