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New year, new blog (not really).

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Times are a changin’. And in the blogging world change happens in the blink of an eye.

And we too change. Of course we do.

I know since starting blogging, (I can’t even remember how many years ago my very first blog was), I’ve changed dramatically. From someone who didn’t know who she was, to someone who is confident in her own shoes. Someone with direction and purpose, and who tries to live life with intention.

So, as 2016 already rapidly begins to appear in the rear-view mirror, I’m looking forward to a new year, new blog. Well, not really, same but different. Does that make sense?

You may remember at the end of the year I ran a small survey with you guys, my blog readers. A couple of quick questions to see what you like about my blog, what you don’t, and what you want to see more of.

The response was overwhelming and the results were awesome.

It seems you love the random stuff from inside my head! Which is a great relief, cause I love nothing more than spewing out random thoughts on the screen and then turning them into something that makes some sort of sense and helps me grow as a person. Seems you like that too!

You also like the motivational and inspiring posts (fist pump), and you like to keep updated with my writing journey.

So, although there won’t be major changes to the way I blog, I will keep these things in mind.

I plan to update you fortnightly on my fiction work, not only because you want to see how it’s going, but also because it makes me accountable. I haven’t written or edited much over the holiday season and honestly, I’m finding it hard to get back into it. Not because I don’t want to, but because editing and re-writing is such a huge thing. By sharing how I’m going, it keeps me accountable. There’s no way I want to turn up each fortnight with nothing to tell!

In 2015, I also noticed how interaction changed with my blog. Many in the blogging world have noticed comments dropping off, so I’m not alone. But, the fantastic thing is you guys interact with me in different places.

I often now get emails when certain things I’ve written have resonated with people, along with Facebook comments and messages, and Instagram likes. I know many people read blogs but just don’t have the time to belt out a comment in the moment. This aspect of blogging has changed. I get it. And I think this year will see more of the same.

So, if you read the blog and don’t have time to comment, don’t feel bad. I know my own interaction with blogs has changed, and while I still consume my favourite bloggers and love finding new blogs to love, I don’t comment as much and often interact on social media too.

I guess I’m saying is – do what you feel! Want to email me? Go for it. Want to share on FB or Twitter, yes, please do. It all makes the bloggy world go round right? I appreciate it all.

I think 2016 is going to be a great year and I’m really excited to keep sharing random stuff and more with you guys. Who’s withe me?