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Nothing to say


Do you ever feel like you have so much to say, but yet at the same time you have nothing to say? That’s how I feel right now.

There is so much going on at the moment and I don’t mean in an overwhelming-busy way, just an accumulation of things.

Yes, I’m being a bit vague I know, but the things that are going on fall in one of two categories:

  1. Very personal and not necessary to share here
  2. A complicated mess of knots in my head which need to be untangled so I can translate them into words.

And although I didn’t need to blog today, particularly when I have nothing to say, I also felt I needed to. Just to write something, even at the expense of making any sense. But, I also think that it’s much better to get something, anything, out in times like these.

It’s moments like this when I find myself asking the big questions with the unknown answers. The what ifs and the if onlys. When I start questioning and second guessing. And looking for something that makes sense in a time of nonsense. It’s when I question the world we live in and long for simpler times. Which I know doesn’t really help, but it still brings me a sense of calm, or at least coping.

So that is all for now as I leave you with this mumbo jumbo of thoughts. But maybe, it’s better to get them out right?

How are you at the moment?

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