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O’ Captain, My Captain.

Today the world lost a truly talented, amazingly brilliant, yet unfortunately troubled soul in Robin Williams. I can’t begin to imagine what those closest to him and who knew him best are going through right now, nor can I begin to understand the darkness that shadowed him for too long.

Too little is known about how or why depression takes over ones life and eats away at ones soul. How someone so talented, so loved by family and friends, someone who made the world smile and laugh with the simplest of grins, was inside scared, hurting and so, so sad.  Who could think that a newborn baby with eyes wide with innocence and wonder can be overcome by an illness in such a way, that there seems there is nothing left inside to face another day.

I hope one day, one day soon, we know more and can help those who are silently screaming for help.


And if  someone you know needs help, or this triggers something inside you please, please reach out and call Lifeline on 13 11 14.


The tragic news of Robin Williams stunned me today. I was lost for words, my heart a dull thud overcome by sadness.

So tonight I am watching one of my favourite movies of all time in tribute. Dead Poets Society.

I have blogged about this movie before and its impact on me. It is so powerful, and each time I watch it it buries itself deep down inside me even further.

If you are interested in why this movie has such profound meaning for me, you can read it here.

Watching the movie tonight has been tough. It touches on so many issues that tonight, in the wake of Robin Williams’ death, are deep and so very raw.  So many scenes have made me weep, for so many reasons.

Yet, as much as I am overcome by deep sorrow I am also grateful I can still see the beauty and poignancy the movie brings. And the wonderful brilliance of a fine actor telling such an important story. A story that will and must live on.

Thank you Robin. For making us laugh great big belly laughs, for making us cry tears of hope, sadness and joy, making us think about life, love and what really matters, and for most of all, making us feel.


“Carpe diem; seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary.”