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Oh the things you can think

This freelance writing gig can be tough, especially for new comers. Finding inspiration for story ideas, researching, interviewing and the actual writing is certainly demanding but the most frustrating and challenging thing by far is pitching.

Sending an email or picking up the phone to a time poor editor who you know is overworked and overwhelmed is nerve wracking to say the least. And the waiting on the other end for their response is painfully tedious.

I’m not a patient person and in this game it seems I am forever waiting for that email. The one that will either lift me up to soaring heights of elation or deflate me to the depths of despair. (Possibly a little melodramatic).

While I’m waiting I try to occupy myself with more story ideas, writing, blogging and other work things that have to be done but that are far less exciting. Oh and yes looking after children, house and home. But still my mind wanders.

I like to build myself up with my thoughts and often imagine receiving emails from editors that praise my brilliant writing prowess and stating how they would love me to become a regular contributor or even offer me my own column.  (It’s my imagination, okay!)

Here is one such imaginary email I have received.



Thank you so much for your beautifully written article on XYZ. I would love to use this in our magazine and would be perfect for our upcoming November issue. 

You have a great talent, and as an editor it is such a relief to come across an article that doesn’t need editing.  

I was also hoping you would be able to expand on the article and perhaps write a follow up taking the angle of ABC? 

Looking forward to hearing back from you and indeed working with you and developing a long term professional relationship. 

Warm regards,

Editor Of A Terribly Popular And Successful Magazine.


I am doubtful that I would ever receive such an email but a girl’s gotta dream right? And it makes the waiting process so much more exciting. But really I would be simply pleased with a simple ‘Yes. We will use your story.’


Does your imagination run away with your when you are waiting for something?