Oh to be a recluse

Do you ever hesitate to begin something because you know you don’t have time to finish it? That has been the story of my day. Today is very much run by the clock; having to be at different places at different times with a lot of driving in between and little down time.

It is during that down time that I have had maybe 15-30 minutes of time to get stuff done. The problem is the ‘stuff’  I want to get done takes a lot longer than that.

If I have a weakness when it comes to writing it is this fact. I am a sole writer. I love to lock myself away in a room and concentrate 100% for hours on end. Writing, researching, polishing, writing some more. But who has the time and circumstances to do that?

I can certainly see how some of the great writers were recluses. Imagine being able to focus day in day out without interruption? I can see the merit in that, at least for a while.

So yes today has past, and I am due to head off again on another time sensitive adventure (sounds more exciting than it really is), without so much as a few words (this blog post) under my belt.

I really need to learn the art of turning on my focus on for small periods of time. Especially with NaNoWriMo on the way.

But how oh how?

If you have any tips, I’d love to hear them!

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