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On Credibility

I don’t often get my ranty pants on in public. Life is too short really. But last week I had a couple of encounters on social media that were not that nice and really got my goat. As much as I love social media we all know it does have an evil side and although I try and concentrate on the positive power of it, sometimes the devil rears it’s ugly head.

Firstly I commented on a political opinion blog piece which is not something I normally do but the whole ‘hate campaign’ thing was really annoying me. Not only did my opinion get shot down but I was called a liar and my credibility was questioned. Disagree with me if you will, I have no qualms with that, but to call someone a liar? Now, that is another thing.

The second encounter was on a social media platform and resulted in an email landing in my in-box attacking my credibility, this time professionally. The said person suggested that I wasn’t qualified to comment on social media or blogging or indeed offer professional advice as I was not an expert and ‘didn’t even attend ProBlogger‘. Let’s just say I had a quiet little chuckle about this one coming from someone who also offers social media advice yet doesn’t even have accounts on some of the platforms they deal in.

It’s lucky I have a thick skin.

It’s not the personal attacks that worry me, really they are water off a ducks back most of the time as they are merely superficial. I have been lucky not to encounter more vulgar personal attacks as I know some have, that would be hard to deal with. However, attacking my credibility is something else.

I have been blogging and in the social media field since it’s boom days. I have tried many platforms, opened and closed many blogs and finally find myself here, where I feel at home. I ran my own successful virtual assistance business from 2007-2011 concetrating on social media marketing solely for the last two years and I have recently dipped back into the silky waters offering social media coaching. I have studied social media through two indepth courses, the first in 2010 and again this year.

To me hands on experience speaks to me on more levels than someone graduating as an ‘expert’. The type of advice and assistance I offer is personal, informative, accurate and relevant. My target audience are people travelling a similar path to what I have: bloggers and solo business owners. Those who are smart, articulate, enthusiastic but who just need a little direction.

I’m not offering expensive, in-depth strategic social media campaigns assistance. I’m not offering integrated targeted digital marketing or brand management. Simply real, no-fuss, to the point advice.

I’m no expert, but I have experience. Real experience and real training for real people.


The bottom line is I love sharing what I know with those on the same path. With those enthusiastic about doing what they know and love. What could be better?

So yes, disagree with my opinions, in fact offer your own – I love that about social media and blogging. It opens my eyes to new ways of thinking that is important, we can all be narrow minded at times. But as for credibility? Worry about your own, not others.

Rant over. Thank you!

Have you ever experienced the dark side of social media?