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What are you doing with your one wild and precious life?

Today I was over at Writer Unboxed looking for some writerly inspiration when I came across this post that begins with the famous quote from poet Mary Oliver…

one wild precious life quote

The post is worth reading, as it offers inspiration and motivation for if you are in a bit of a slump. But I really got caught off guard with that quote. It stuck in my head and gnawed at my brain all morning.

I mean, what a wonderful question. I love the premise that life can be wild and precious at the same time. That it eludes to the fact our lives can be amazing, extraordinary even, if we dare them to be.


So what am I doing with my one wild and precious life?

I have big plans. Grand even. But like I always say, I’d rather fail than regret trying.

I want to build my writing portfolio and copywriting business to dizzying heights. Happy dizzying heights on my terms.

I want to spend my days writing in different forms.

I want to write books that people can’t put down.

I want to travel the world. To new places I’m yet to explore and to places I am keen to rediscover all over again.

I want to watch my girls grow into the gorgeous young ladies they are. With wild and precious dreams of their own. To see them happy, to see them shine. To be there through the not so good and celebrate the wonderful.

I want to see my husband retire from his ‘day job’ of tiling and renovate houses for a living. I want to support his dream by working hard and carrying the weekly weight of life equally.

I want to see sunsets that melt into the horizon and remind me that tomorrow is a new day to be grateful for.


 I want to live with purpose and intention, dream big and be surrounded by the ones I love.


And that, I feel, is the recipe to a wild and precious life.

So tell me….

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?