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One Word 2016: Year in Review


I always find it interesting doing a reflection post on my chosen word for the year. It makes me realise how things change in the blink of an eye, and even the best laid plans can be unraveled unexpectedly. It sparks the thinking that life has it’s own plan and we just need to hold on for the ride. Fate anyone?

When I chose my word for 2016 way back in January, it came to me effortlessly. Believe. To believe in myself, my choices, and my goals. And although, things didn’t work out as on track as I had planned, ‘believe’ was always in the forefront of my thinking.

So how did 2016 pan out?

Believe in myself

I did. I do. And I will continue to. I gave that little monster of self-doubt a flick off my shoulder, tired of listening to the same thing over and over. The same things that weren’t true. That little voice telling me I can’t and I’m not good enough. Well, I can and I am. And although she still visits from time to time in my weakest moments, I realise that she doesn’t hold the power she used to. My power of belief is so much stronger. And even if I don’t reach my ultimate goals, I’ll know that I gained self-belief if nothing else. And that is huge.


Believe in my choices

I’m good at making decisions. What I wasn’t good at, was trusting that they were right. And by right, I don’t necessarily mean correct, I mean the right decision at that point in time, made within the best realms of my ability, knowledge, and foresight. Once I had a handle on self-belief though, this one came so naturally. I hardly doubted my choices this year, instead, I concentrated on being and letting the path lead the way.


Believe in my goals

So I did set two goals at the beginning of the year. One: complete my manuscript to a publishable standard and begin the submission process, and two: double my copywriting income. This is where I came unstuck, but I don’t see it as failing. I still believe I have the ability to follow through with both goals, it was just that the timing wasn’t right.

With my manuscript, I’m almost there. I think by mid next-year it will be ready. The fact that I’m late reaching that point, is okay, as I know it’s the right path. I don’t want to send off a manuscript I’m not happy with. I know I’ll never be 100% happy with it, but I believe I will also know when it is the best that I can do. And right now, it’s not there yet. Almost, but not quite.

The second goal went off track due to changes in our family business. A change of direction in our services lead to me having to step up and launch a new arm to the business, which of course, took time. So the second half of the year has been spent on getting that up and running. I’m now at a point where I’m successfully managing what needs to be done on that front, and have even started taking on a little copywriting/proofreading work. But, I’ve also decided I don’t want the pressure of having to bring in a certain amount of work. My main goals are of course to keep the family business (our bread and butter) ticking over, and then, to get my manuscript written. The copywriting is a side project, that gives me a break from the routine and adds a little income to our household. I hope to get the balance right over the next twelve months. A work in progress!


2016 has been a year of many highs, and many lows. There’s been a lot of stress at times, and moments where I wanted to throw everything in and move to a lighthouse. But we all have those moments, thankfully they pass. I can say though, that ‘believe’ was the perfect word for me this year. I think the words I have chosen over the last three years – believe, fearless, change – have been preparing me for the days ahead, leading me towards my word for 2017, which I’ve already chosen. But, you’ll have to visit here on January 1st to see what that one is!


Do you choose a word for the year?
How has your 2016 been?


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