Pausing to remember and remembing to pause.

Times change and the world moves forward. The pace is alarming and we are hanging on white knuckled. So many of us want to stop the ride, if only for a minute. One brief pause to remember who we are, as the world seems to tell us who we are these days.

I often get nostalgic, and often think of the ‘good old days’, which mind you were not really that long ago. A time of records and cassettes. A time where ‘be home by dinner’ was the only rules we lived by. A time where waving to a stranger was fine. When 20 cents at the corner shop bought you 20 lollies. When holding hands actually meant something.

If I could turn back the clock I would relive those days in a split second. The feeling of freedom, no responsibility and hope for the future.

Sometimes I find myself remembering, reminiscing trying to relive the feelings and emotions and I do. I feel the hairs prickling on my arms and the memory washing over me, so sweet the taste.

Perhaps it is just a part of getting older. No doubt our parents experienced it, and their parents experienced it too. Is it the simpler time we miss or just the feeling of naive thinking and living life to the fullest? That gets lost as we get older. It shouldn’t, but it does.

It gets weighed under the bills, the rent, the mortgage, the school fees. By the clock that rules our every minute of where we need to be and what we need to be doing. But it is still there, flickering in and out like an old movie reel.

Do what makes you remember. Do what makes you relive those ‘moments’. Even if just for a couple of minutes a day. Recapture the essence of your soul and what makes you.

You may not be able to stop the world moving forward or the freight train charging down the track, but you can take a second to rekindle that something inside. Do it. Do it today.

This always takes me back to 1987.